It's a generally known stereotype that really beautiful women--not just "hey she's cute", but "daaaamn"--usually have problems. The general wisdom is that a lifetime of being obsessed over for their appearance causes all sorts of issues, and the fact that they're able to skate through life on the strength of their looks alone makes them neglect to develop a personality.

What do we think about this? Is this true?

I know there's at least a couple such beauties on my friends list. What's your take on this? Are you shallow/crazy/vacuous? Come on, you can tell me, just say "Yes Isaac, I am utterly empty inside. But look how pert my breasts are!"

For the rest of you, maybe you know someone who falls into this category, who qualifies as "stunning". What are they like? Are they mindless? Are they damaged? And what's their phone number?


  1. Been called "attractive" and "crazy" so i'm guessing this applies to me. I think the perception that I must be/will be based on my looks creates its own issues...

  2. Could it not be that these beautiful girls are quite interesting and intelligent, but most guys spend the majority of the time ogling at them. Seriously though, if you had a beautiful girl with amazing breasts and she was talking to you about quantum physics and the theory of relativity your brain would be saying 'don't look at the tits for too long' 'how long is too long' 'they are really nice tits'. I think my point is, is that it is mainly the man's fault for paying more attention to the beauty to listen to what these women are saying.. I am a man by the way, looking back through this post it would be easy to think otherwise...I just saw when this was originally posted sorry I have revived an old topic that died a long time ago...