1. Hi. Wow. That was long. It was also posted in 2007 (for me it is 2011) so probably nobody will see this and my words will be wasted, but there were no comments, so I thought I'd comment. My comment is: I disagree.
    Winter is a pretty good time to go to the beach, as long as you don't actually intend to swim, because it's empty and cold and sitting, shivering, eating fish and chips is a fairly enjoyable way to spend time. On the one hand you have the discomfort of the cold weather. On the other, yum, fish and chips, which are hot enough to balance out the cold. If you're feeling especially brave/warm, eating ice cream on the beach in winter feels wonderfully defiant, too.

  2. Hello from six years in the future! (Insert maniacal laugh here.) I have yet to figure out this tech-y thing of posting a comment that is NOT anonymous, and this comment is probably completely irrelevant, but I could not pass up a chance to say something after reading this post. So, I just wanted you to know that I laughed my freakin head off while reading this, and even though I nearly died from the ensuing asthma attack, it was totally worth it. - Sincerely gasping for air, Hillary