This HEAT!

I feel like I'm trekking through the Sahara desert on a camel, and all my Saharan porters are like, "It's hot today, innit?"

I feel like I'm in a sauna but where i've suddenly decided I really don't want to be in a sauna.

I feel like I just played an exhausting sweaty overtime game of basketball, and instead of walking into the locker room I accidentally walked into a sauna.

I feel like I just played a football game and I'm all sweaty, and when I walk out of the stadium suddenly I'm in the Sahara desert.

I feel like I'm sitting in an oven, and it's preheating to 425 degrees but it's only at 80 degrees so far, which is still pretty hot.

I feel like Joan of Arc, but in an alternate history where they didn't burn her at the stake they just made her sit in a really hot apartment on an 80 degree day.

I feel like a piece of metal in a smelting furnace being melted down, but I'm also being melted down to be made into another smelting furnace.

Damn, it's HOT today. Geez. Damn.


  1. 80 degrees? Last week it was +100 down here in California. You don't get very much sun do you?

  2. Come on its SEATTLE. We're not called the Rainy State for nothing. Oh wait, actually it's the Suicide State. No, wait, Seattle isn't a state...Washington, that's it.