Forbidden Love

So the polls are in, and it would appear that Sharks With Legs narrowly defeated Bees With Souls (much scarier, in my opinion) for title of Mightiest Animal Warrior. Lobsters With Grudges pretty much tied for second with Bees. You guys are ignorant.

Anyway, speaking of lobsters with grudges, I just found this story written by my very own lobster trainee, Pinche the Lobster. Apparently he wrote it in 20 minutes after being challenged by a friend to write a story about forbidden love in 20 minutes. I helped him edit it a little, since he always has a hard time with his "there/their"s.




  1. Nicely done, Pinche! Your name means something akin to "damn" in mexican spanish.

    But mostly you make me think of one of my favorite commercials featuring a crab...


  2. That was great.

    "and we both know there's only one way I can put food on the table."

    I love your stories.

  3. Dangit, Brittany beat me to it, but that was definitely the best line. But I think you knew that already, Pinche.

  4. I just read The Inside and it was amazing. You are a truly talented author.

  5. Woah Melissa, you did?? Where? I thought I took that down.

    Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it, but you should be aware that that's a veerrrry old version of this book, and I'm currently going back through it making pretty heavy revisions. So...sorry you had to read the "Isaac is 21" version of it. Stay tuned for the new, better, tighter, more mature, more coherent version in a couple months!

  6. loved your zombie story that i stumbled upon online, & nice blog
    groaning and swaying

  7. Hang on, Pinche, I'll be there to help soon.

    (After all, why waste you on a butter sauce when you could go out in grand style with a sweet vanilla butter sauce?) *turns the heat on under the water*