An Interview With...ME?

Texan Blogger Chet Gasset is one of the fine fine people who bought a copy of my novel, The Inside, and he liked it so much he interviewed me about it. And about many other things. Pretty much EVERY other thing, actually. So if you ever wanted to find out what my answers to every question in the universe are, you please to visit following link:



  1. Nice interview. I like that the premise of your book sprung from dreams; I'm working on an "epic fantasy trilogy" of my own and the plot came almost entirely from events and emotions that I dreamed.

    and speaking of epic fantasy, you've piqued my curiosity... i'd like to read yours one of these days.

  2. Ho ho, not likely Callipsemaniac... My epic fantasy trilogy (It was going to be 5 books long actually, I finished 2) was written when I was 16, and it's most definitely not for public viewing. I have ideas to one day someday revisit that story, reimagine it and start it over from scratch, but that could only ever happen after I've written and published tons of books and have nothing left to prove...

  3. In response to "getting inside a zombie's head," I mean, it's an interesting idea but uh... There isn't anything in there. That's the point. It's a zombie.

    Also, you've never seen a Romero movie? I... what? I don't really understand.

  4. "Also, you've never seen a Romero movie? I... what? I don't really understand."

    Yes, watch them!

  5. I feel so close to your after reading that interview... almost as you were my BFFAE.

  6. What is BFFAE? "forever and eternity"? That's my only guess.

    And what I said in the interview was I hadn't seen any Romero movies at the time I wrote that story. I've seen most of them since then. I really enjoyed Land of the Dead because of the semi-intelligent, semi-sympathetic zombie leader. I thought that was kinda poignant at times.

    The idea behind my story is that there IS something in the head of the zombie, they still have intelligence, but they just have no memories or concerns or cares about anything, they're like walking ghosts basically, still human inside, but kind of post-human.

  7. Best friend forever and ever silly...

  8. Huh. Well, I can get down with that.

    I liked Land of the Dead. Did you
    see Day of the Dead? Day of the Dead kind of gets behind the idea of post-human zombies and even goes so far as to have you sympathize with them. Definitely one of Romero's best.