....metling away my will to live...my ability to spell...

The hotter it gets, the shorter my list of Things I'm Capable of Doing Right Now gets....

Things I'm Capable of Doing Right Now (In This Heat)

1. Sweating
2. Laying flat on back
4. Twitching slightly
5. Groaning feebly
3. Thinking about ice cubes
6. Wiping brow
7. Changing shirt again
8. Applying more deodorant
9. Taking off shirt
10. Taking off pants
11. Taking off skin
12. Running toward distant oasis only to find it's just a mirage
13. JogBlogging




  1. The Perry Bible Foundation!!

  2. I'm from texas and it's 90 on a good day.
    right now at 6:15, it's 97.
    i dont want to hear about Seattle "heat."

  3. I just got back from a few days in Myrtle Beach... 90-95 every day with near-fog humidity.

    Totally gross.

    As is Myrtle Beach.