Darkwing Duck

I haven't been doing a lot of updates lately, as I've been pouring all my time into writing a zombie romance novel and making horrifically offensive videos, so to hold you over while you wait for the world premier of SUNROOF, allow me to give you this list of interesting ways Darkwing Duck's catchphrase "Let's get dangerous!" has been translated for various overseas broadcasts....

Danish Lad os så vove fjerene! Now let's risk our feathers!

Dutch Laten we lekker link gaan doen! Let's get really risky!

French Ça va craindre un max! It's gonna get scary big time!

German Zwo, Eins, Risiko! Two, one, danger!

Hindi Ho Jaye Khatron Se Takkar (हो जाए खतरों से टक्कर।) Let's tackle danger!
Indonesian Hadang bahaya!! Charge the danger!

Italian Dagli addosso, Duck! Go for it, Duck!

Japanese 危険が俺を呼んでるぜ!
Danger is calling me!

Korean 덤벼 보라고! Go ahead and attack me!

Mandarin Chinese 讓我搞破壞! Let me do some destruction!

Norwegian La oss bli farlige! Let's become dangerous!

Polish Oj, powieje grozą! Oh, it's gonna be dangerous!

Portuguese(Brazil) Vamos encarar o perigo! Let's face danger!

Russian Ну-ка, от винта! Clear the propeller!

Clear the.....? Nevermind.

NOTE: SUNROOF will premier next monday, Sept 22nd!




  1. wtf? The propellor?? XD

    When is this world premiere of which you speak?

  2. remember this movie. it was one of my favorite when I was kid

  3. Russian is the best variant, cause I watched it when was a little child. still remember it, great cartoon!!