Happy 911 week!


  1. Kudos! You are one fearless blogger. I wonder how many people will turn sensitive and never come back here again. It's natural selection, the way I see it... Anyway, give it 10 or 15 years and the US will have an official holiday with a completely unrelated animal mascot for 9/11 day, such as the tree frog. We will tell our children that each year on 9/11, the tree frog will come and leave Cool Ranch Doritos ® in the laundry basket for them... because American holiday traditions usually make a whole bunch of sense.

  2. A few people always get pissed. But unless you're writing about nothing but how cute kittens are, you really can't win. Every time I drop a cussword I get a few people yelling at me. Of course, true, this is a BIT more sensitive...ha. But I've been running a Sept 11th Special every Sept for like 3 years now, this is just the first time I made a video of it.

    But yes, I hope you're right about the future of this holiday. I loves me some Cool Ranch.

  3. that's sacrilegious/blasphemous/evil !! (my online dictionary said the correct american word for what i'm trying to say is "taboo-free")

    (and the idea behind this is actually pretty smart. i'm by no means a history expert, but there must be dozens of happy holidays that have a very dark/bloody origin.)

    love it!

  4. I think a total of 411 emergency workers died as they tried to rescue people and fight fires