Stories / Zombie update

I've posted a very minor story/poem called "Wind House". I also revised another minor short I posted a while back, "Awww..." in case you missed it/skipped it.

Novel update:

Last Tuesday, I finished writing my indie romantic pro-zombie epic parable, WARM BODIES. By "finished" I mean finished the first draft, ie, I wrote the last paragraph, but I still have editing to do. I expect to finish that this weekend. Then I send it out to some people for feedback, make revisions, and hopefully have it all finished and printed before Christmas. This is the plan. Cross your fingers with me on this, as we all know anything can happen in the Holiday season.


  1. Hi, i read the short story of the zombie novel about a few months ago and i loved it. I really hope the novel is going to be as good as the short story.

  2. We love your story!!! I hope you will be careful to whom you send your story too. Don't let it leak like it happened to Stephenie Meyer (Twilight)... someone she trusted posted her unfinished copy of the next book online spoiling it all (she cannot finish that book now.)

    I think your story will be great based on the excellent job you did in "I am Zombie Filled with Love". I tell everyone to read it. Last time was in Argentina.

    Good luck,


  3. i love your short story "i am a zombie filled with love" i am a graduate student at UT in english and if you would like, i would proudly help with the editing process of the novel. i know its a long shot, but it would be much appreciated if you allowed me to read and help edit it. i know trust is hard to come by these days but i promise i would not let any other soul read it. my email address is soooo.good@gmail.com if you want to send me a copy, and i look forward to the release and publication of the novel whenever that may be.

    - brent

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