Ideas for Solving the Economic Crisis

Ideas for solving the economic crisis:

Get consumers spending again by having someone make a really awesome new thing that everyone will want.

Bail out the auto industry, but only on the condition that they develop a flying car by 2012 because that was supposed to happen a long time ago dammit.

Convert currency from dollars to chocolate gold coins because those have inherent value.



  1. I like all of these but especially number three.

  2. Ohhh, I just ate my life savings!

  3. See, exactly Beej. If the situation gets bad enough, we could always use the currency for food. Good luck eating a NON chocolate silver dollar!

  4. Thank you for helping people find what they're looking for me ... just a little sad that I came late to your site ... Well as the saying goes - "better late than never!" ..))) Now very different look at the world, and I know why I'm here ... you rock!