What's Going on in 2009

Well friends, it’s 2009, Year of the Weinerdog, and we’re on track for a bright bright future full of peace and prosperity. Births are up, deaths are down, humans are taller than ever, the mutated genes needed to finally evolve wheels on our feet are in place, gerbil power is clean and affordable, the sun has been zoned for advertising, tap water has been flavored, we have beaten cancer, we have beaten head lice, and we’ve landed more exotic animals on the moon than any other country (monkeys, snow leopards, giraffes, winged cats).

On the downside of things, I guess there’s something going on with the economy, and also my book is encountering some delays. Many of you have already preordered WARM BODIES, so I regret to present this gloomy quarterly report to you, my shareholders, but hopefully none of you will panic. In my trailers and such, I said the book would be available before the end of January 2009. However, I’m currently still doing revisions, and it turns out my super-editor won’t be available to review the final draft until February 1st. So in the interest of transparency, here’s my approximate timetable:

Jan 18 – I finish my semi-final draft

Jan 19 – I finally get to sleep in and relax for a bit

Feb 1 – Laurie Webb begins review

Feb 7 – Laurie Webb gives me final notes

Feb 14 – I finish final edits

Feb 15 – I send the book to the printers

Feb 27 – The printers finish the book

Feb 28 – I ship the book to you!

I apologize profusely to all of you beautiful beautiful people who preordered. I will get the book to you as soon as possibly possible!

I really can’t express my surprise and gratitude for how well you guys have been responding, I’m not used to this kind of love! I’ve already sold over half of my entire print run, leaving just 48 copies still available. (hint hint)

Thank you bestfriends!

Here's a reminder of what it is we're talking about here:



  1. longer than i thought, but lets be patient
    im sure it will be worth the waiting

  2. So, I just ordered today. Will I get a copy, Mr. Marion? If not, I still have the pride of supporting an aspiring writer. Still, I really would like that book.

  3. Rawr! Zombies! I'm really excited. I thought you only had that old trailer, I didn't know about this knew one and it makes me roar a little in anticipation. It'll be a perfect (slightly late) Valentine's day gift.
    By the by, really curious that they actually have a wiki page on winged cats.

  4. please dont send me any more post cards. i dont like your book, and i dont like you.

    if you send any more, i will call the police.

    please start doing something more constructive with your life.

    im not saying that what you do doesnt matter, but really- you need to think about your goals and how you have chosen to spend your time.

  5. .......

    What on EARTH was that about, Anonymous?

    I only send postcards to people who bought The Inside, that's why I had your address in the first place...

    So you read The Inside and hated it so much you're going to call the police? Wow.

  6. I thought the postcard was ridiculously cute...it's on my fridge & makes me smile.

  7. If you ever see these comments, Anon, please email me or something because I would really like to find out what I did to enrage you so badly.

    Oh and Chrisma, not to worry, your order's been received and appreciated. I still have about 20 copies left.

  8. So....Can I get Anonymous's postcards? I'd love to them!

  9. Hey... I bought The Inside and I never got a postcard... =(

    Hey, Banin, you ass, why haven't you told me about "warm bodies"?

    Issac, where can I find that instrumental version of "We Kill Children" that is played on the trailer? Your music is great!


  10. "Anonymous" can go to hell. They're probably just angry because they don't even have 0.001% of the talent that you were born with. Everyone who knows you also knows that writing is your passion and is definitely something that qualifies a major "goal".

    When people tell me I'm using my time badly drawing pictures (and believe me, it does happen), I just think of how many other artists were told the same thing and yet managed to overcome that negativity and let it make them better.