"The Hole in the Lake" -- new story

This is kinda dark...


  1. You are, in fact, the only author that can make me cry.

    Thank you for continuing to write.

  2. The imagery in this story is stunningly tangible.

    You put a great twist on the idea of regretting missed adolescent chances. The feeling of hopelessness at the end of the story left a lasting sense of hollowness--it felt like a kick in the stomach.
    Great story, mister Marion.
    Very dark indeed.

  3. Well done, Isaac.

    These short stories of yours have an unexpected edge, a freedom when compared to the writing in your novels. Not better or worse, just different.

    I never know what to expect. It's refreshing. Keep writing. More, more, more.

    And thank you.

  4. Guys, thank you so much for your wonderfully thoughtful and encouraging comments. I love you people.

    James, yeah, I know what you mean about the difference between my shorts and novels. Shorts are almost a different medium in a way... Since you have less time, you focus on different things, going straight for the emotions and sensations rather than spending pages developing characters and settings, etc. I tend to write more abstractly and less "zoomed in" for shorts, and there's a lot more freedom to get weird and poetic and come ungrounded from reality.
    My next novel project, though, I think is going to be more in the style of these shorts. As soon as I can get some money and take a freighter voyage...

  5. This was great. Dark, like you said, but beautiful in its pain and lost opportunities.

  6. Great indee. So sad, and somehow so familiar to everyone. I'm already waiting for more Isaac!

  7. oh wow. i absolutely loved this!!
    amazing stuff you have

  8. I can't breathe through my nose that was so good.

  9. hauntingly beautiful