(Kindof) New Story (Kindof)

I found this lightly aged story today and realized I never posted it to my Fiction page here, so most of you probably never saw it. I edited it a little and put it up there today for your potential enjoyment. It's an odd one, more of a "scene study" than a proper story, but I liked it and decided to post it while we wait for the printers to spit out Warm Bodies.

Speaking of which....Warm Bodies is at the printers as we speak. I am supposed to have 100 copies in hand by next Thursday, and should be shipping the preorders that same day. If you haven't preordered and you think you want to read this book, keep in mind that of those 100 I only have about 15 copies still unclaimed. No pressure. But act now.




  1. Pure talent. I really liked this one simply because it's a scenario I've often wondered about myself.

    If we ever meet I owe you a pizza, just because you're such an amazing writer.

  2. This is beautiful! The best time-stop story I've ever read, heard or seen. It definitely beats that silly clockstopper movie that came out like a decade ago.

    AND AND AND AND AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR WARM BODIES!!! It's going to be fan-fricken-tastic. <3

  3. Another great story. Good job, man. I ordered my copy of Warm Bodies today.

  4. Your writing is amazing. Love it. Now I am kicking myself for not ordering a copy of Warm Bodies. =(

    I think I should.

  5. Isaac, godammit. You always stop these stories right as I start getting into them. If you write another book, it should really be about a guy whose trapped in a time freeze, with the same down to earth style like this one. It's just pure interesting, without the periodic intervals of "Let me bore you with arbitrary information that's irrelevant to the storyline."
    I'll buy it if you do. Two copies.
    Like an angry viking, kicking me in the dick.

  6. Great story, yet again. I've always imagined time slowed down...