Warm Bodies is sold out.

Thank you everyone who stepped up to support me on this project! The response has been unbelievable.
If you missed out...pray for a speedy publishing deal!




  1. Fuck! Now that i got a job and could pay for it! No re-prints this time? Damn!

  2. ops, didn't see the older post, sorry. Anyway, for sure i'll get your next book and wait for this one to get on the bookstores. Or buy it on ebay.

    Not to soon to do this: anybody want to sell one?

  3. I got my copy just now! It looks great, Isaac. I'm very excited to read it.

  4. I found out about your website from a friend who should me "Zombie filled with love" because he thought it was so quirky. When I saw that you had a book coming out based on it, I had to get it. I'm about 3 chapters in now, trying to read it in between reading stuff I have to read for classes. Congrats on getting a published book! Good luck getting it out in bookstores!

  5. woo hoo! Just got the book yesterday!

  6. YES.

    It is on the very top of my reading pile, right above 'SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol' and 'Signaling System #7' - already at chapter 3 from my 20-minute train ride this morning. I love, you Isaac.

  7. I finished this book a few days ago and it is currently being passed around my classmates like an STD.

    I loved this book. Probably the best zombie book I've ever read. You're a brilliant writer, Isaac, please never stop writing.

  8. I got this book yesterday and finished it this morning. Absolutely love it. I am usually very harsh when judging zombie-related things, since I believe in only the most logical ones (I read the Zombie Survival Guide... so shoot me), but this was an amazing exception. I am very proud to be an owner of one of these books.
    P.S. I squealed a little when I saw your signature. Very uncharacteristic of me. I was far too excited.