Musical stylings

For those of you who maintain an interest in my musical stylings, I have a new song for your perusal. Another of these strange experiments with the far upper reaches of my vocal range, eschewing actual instruments in favor of alot of wonky vocal fuckery. Although Jared's guitar does make a cameo appearance. Jared also played bass. The percussion is me hitting various things.

This is a very rough draft song, just trying out some new ideas. Been strangely fascinated by this primitive tribal chorale thing lately. Expect to see this song, in some form on some future album, in the year 20X6.



  1. Hahaha "the percussion is me hitting various things." It encapsulates your weirdness, and not in a bad way.

    By the way, I finally had enough time free of schoolwork to finish reading Warm Bodies. It was beautiful! Your way with language is really something amazing. I love the metaphors; they're fresh and surprising, yet perfectly apt. Like the one about the sky being a massive camera aperture. I'm so tempted to steal that one. And on top of that, I cannot imagine any other author writing a zombie story that is actually inspiring. Please tell me you're not going to self publish anymore. You're good enough to join the big league, my friend. =)

  2. I thought the new song was absolutely fantastic. It's just fun to listen to.
    Although I think my favourite song on the little myspace playlist is still What the Mountain Said.