Shufflethoughts 2

I saw a man standing at an ATM machine today wearing a helmet and I thought, I didn't know ATM machines were that dangerous. Then I saw a motorcycle parked next to him and I thought, he's probably going to use that to get away from the ATM machine.

If Homeless People are the new Pirates, what are those guys in Somalia who attack ships? Just plain ordinary criminals my friend, and there's nothing glamorous about that.
Alternate answer: Sea Vampires.

Please find attached: worst daycare sign ever.


  1. Here in Brazil, bikers that don't take their helmets off when off the bikes are usually seen as criminals. Cause its common to get robbed or killed by a biker with the helmet on.

    One town (Floresta) in my state prohibited the use of helmet, which is compulsory by the National Code of Traffic (literal translation). Anyway, after a few fights in our Supreme Court, helmets were on again in Floresta. Now they're back killing people.
    No ATM can save them.

  2. HUH??? What does wearing a bike helmet have to do with robbing or killing people??

  3. that's pretty funny. mostly the atm story.

  4. Hey Isaac, do you like Isaac Asimov? This story seems right up your alley.

    I really liked it. Have a good one.


  5. That sign is hilarious!

  6. No, mr. Marion. I didn't mean that biker with helmet kill or rob people. I said that criminals (here in Brazil) often use helmet for hiding their identities (when robbing or killing) and the bikes are good for escaping the "crime scene". Think I didn't make myself clear.

    And that's why you can easily get robbed or killed by a biker with helmet on over here.

  7. I'm from Brazil too and I've never been robbed by a biker, nor heard anything like that. However, it seems to be a pretty good idea indeed, since the chances a bullet will go through the criminal's head slightly decay, I guess (:.