Dear web designers...

I will pay you 50 U.S dollars right here right now if you can show me how to make the domain burningbuilding.com connect directly to burningbuilding.blogspot.com without having to put the blog in a frame like I've done here. It's maximum annoying, as you know, because no matter where you go in the site now, the address is always just burningbuilding.com, making it impossible to copy links from any of the pages. Please help a webtech dinosaur.


  1. Easiest fifty dollars I will ever make.

    You have two options, you could have a simple index.php redirect script which redirects to that URL, or you just need modify your DNS settings.

    - Eric Gillis (Eric.Avery.Gillis@gmail.com)

  2. Why don't you publish the blog to burningbuilding.com, instead of burningbuilding.blogspot.com? You will just need to use one of the classic Blogger templates, and set the FTP server and username/password on blogger.com. It's easier than it sounds.

  3. Marco, I'm pretty attached to my current template. Took me forever to put it together. Classic is no good for me.

  4. I'm sure you could just recreate the template onto the .com domain.... right?...

  5. Take a look at the following:


    According to this, blogoogler has made it pretty easy.

    Just change your DNS server to ghs.google.com, then update your custom domain in the publishing settings in your blogger profile.

    I don't know why you would have to put the whole thing in a frame. I have wondered that before. It makes it hard to link to a specific page on your site... Hopefully this gets it fixed up.

  6. You know, if you open one of your links in a new tab, it gives the whole address. For example, this one is:


  7. Not meaning to be superfluous, but James has it right there. If you need any help, get me on skype (I'm gausie).

    Well done with Regal!

  8. I'm still waiting for a reply from you Isaac, I think a redirect script would probably be the best (easiest) option for you. But yeah, James pretty much said what I said but more thoroughly than I.

  9. I hope this script shows up:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    window.location = "http://burningbuilding.blogspot.com"

    Put it on your index page at burningbuilding.com

    Anywhere is fine. Works for whatever kind of index page you have.

    Donate the 50 bucks somewhere nice.


  10. Hey all you helpful people, thanks for your efforts...I'm still sorting through all this. Really what I was looking for, for the 50$ bounty anyway, is someone to actually DO the fix for me, but Dominic comes the closest, since that's very simple. I implemented it and it does seem to work, although I've since been informed that people with JAvascript disabled (which apparently people do for some fucking reason?) will only see a blank page...

  11. I'm certain you could simply reproduce the layout onto the .com domain.... isn't that so?...

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