Kidz Bop

It recently came to my attention that some marketing genius/lunatic/pedophile is releasing albums of Top 40 hits "remixed" for happy choirs of pre-adolescent children. The logic being, I guess, that actual kids will hear the new versions and think, "Hey! I recognize that vocal timbre! That's a KID! I am now able to relate to this song!"

Here are a few of the more bizzare juxtapositions of singers' age/lyrical content...


  1. Oh HEY! You could also get your own copy of Kidz Bop in McDonald's kids meals!:D

  2. Oh god, I was hoping that was contained in my area. We've all been subject to their banshee-like howling for ages.

    It's spreading... God help us all...

  3. If my kids ACTUALLY start singing along to some of my favorite songs, I'll find it endearing. But until then, I prefer for children to be seen and not heard.