While doing something totally unrelated, I somehow stumbled onto info about a new film by Jared Hess, creator of Napoleon Dynamite, and the premise rang so true and hilarious and disturbingly close to home, I have to share.

It involves a teenage aspiring fantasy writer who attends a fantasy writer convention only to have the premise of his novel, Yeast Lords, stolen by a famous author at the convention.

First of all, Yeast Lords is one of the most inexplicably hilarious bad titles I've ever heard. Second of all, I realized than an equally inexplicable, untitled movie "trailer" I saw a few weeks ago, featuring Flight of the Conchords' Jemain Clement, was in fact an early teaser for this movie, GENTLEMEN BRONCOS.

"To inspire myself, I turn to myself."

This is sounding a LOT better than Nacho Libre...



  1. Ha. Yeah, looks hilarious. They have an Augmented Reality tie-in, too, apparently:


    You can become one with the "famous" author.

    1. Some of the Untitled Movie have story scripts that are more or less the same and one doesn't find any new in it.