Isaac Goes to Hollywood

[re-censored by Pvt. Washington Irvine, 6/17/9]

Dear readership,

I have a confession to make.
I haven't been totally [redacted] with you.
It's not because I don't trust you. I do. I gave you my phone number didn't I? I regularly answer your nervous and/or drunken dials don't I?
I don't keep secrets because I want to. Secrecy is forced upon me by Others. But now, finally, I've been given permission to make an announcment. Finally, FULL DISCLOSURE.

As you may have gathered from the vague hints I've been dropping for a while, some big stuff is going on in the North Democratic Republic of Isaac.

What is it? What is that stuff? What?

I've already told you that a major literary agent, Joe Regal, signed on to represent Warm Bodies for publishing. What I haven't told you is that before that even happened, Warm Bodies was optioned for film by one [redacted] producer of such hit films as [redacted], starring [redacted] and the upcoming [redacted], starring thinking-woman's heartthrob [redacted], and [redacted]

What does this mean? It means that [redacted] took Warm Bodies and promptly used her Hollywood clout and intimidating Australian accent to [redacted]. I'm not allowed to tell you which [redacted] until they make the public announcement, but suffice to say it's [redacted]

What does THIS mean? What does THIS part mean?

It means that [redacted]. Whether the [redacted] will actually [redacted] or not is a big unknown, but even if not...I will soon be [redacted] and maybe even be able to spend a little less time hanging out in visitation office cubicles, rehab centers, and reeking crack den apartments.

More as the story continues to [redacted]



  1. OMFG!!!
    glad to see you are gettin further and further, congratulations Isaac!
    Id be able to stand up after the movies ends and scream "ive read this book ages ago, i got its first edition and chatted with isaac on gtalk"

    congrats once again!!

  2. glad to see talent shining through.

  3. ZOMG! I'm practically hyperventilating with excitement for you. I really hope this happens!!

  4. Good god, major congratulations.

    I knew this day would come. Well done sir. I can't wait till you can wow us all over and over again.

  5. I'm so excited for you! I've been following your Twitter and wondering why in the world you've been doing stuff concerning a "hollywood highrise." I suppose this answers my curiosity!
    Congratulations Isaac! This is fantastic!
    I used far too many exclamation points.

  6. I-- SAAC! I-- SAAC! This is very exciting. And when the fangirls and boys start crawling out of the woodwork shouting your name, all of us can say "We loved him first, you poser!" And that makes me really happy.

  7. Holy Jesus, best of luck!
    I'm super excited for you and this prospective adventure.

    Again, good luck and congratulations!

  8. oh, ho ho
    i can't say i'm particularly surprised, but i'm definitely excited
    best of luck, though from the slant of things, it looks like you've had luck enough without my wishes

  9. Awesome!

    You should totally put it in your contract that the buyers of the first edition get to play zombie extras!

  10. Whoo hoo!! Will they let you write the script and get more money/more credit? Sometimes if they write too much over the original the original author loses most of the credit.

  11. JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH! Isaac, I'm so happy for you right now, I wish I knew the exact English adjective to express it. Congratulations, man. I'm sure the movie will be made, and soon I'll watch it in a Brazilian theater. I'll say: "I know this Marion guy, he's a really nice gringo", and nobody will believe me. \O/

  12. Right on! I'm very, very excited! This sounds like a great thing, and I look forward to being among the original fans if this whole thing takes off.

  13. I hope that some of this is true - I'd love for your stuff to reach more people. The real reson I'm posting, though, is because I want to give you props for the nod you gave to Catch 22 (which I'm not sure some people notice.)

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