Recession Chic?

Can someone explain this to me....

"-because of the recession..."

"-in this economy..."


I freely acknowledge I might be incredibly misinformed on this issue, so by all means correct my ignorance. But what is the idea behind "recession chic"?
I.E, the fact that it's become fashionable to eat, dress, and live frugally, to not spend money, in acknowledgement of the recession---the recession which is caused by people not spending money.

Obviously everyone's life situation is different. But for me---I hear there is a recession, but I'm certainly not participating in it. I still make exactly the same wage I did a year ago. Why would I change my lifestyle to reflect "the economic downturn" if my own economy has not turned down?

I realize a lot of people have lost their jobs. Stocks are down. Etc. But if you aren't a business owner, you still have your job, and you aren't involved in the stock market...how are you in any way affected by the economy's ups and downs? Am I missing something here?

There's a sense that it's now morally questionable to spend money. To go out to eat, to splurge on a new TV, etc. The atmosphere is that responsible Americans should downgrade their lifestyle to "reflect the times". But isn't that exactly what's causing the recession? People curbing their spending? Isn't that why the auto companies are going under, why businesses are closing, etc, because people are suddenly, for no apparent reason, locking up their wallets?

Is there some colossal truth I'm overlooking here, or is the population actually just sheeping along with what they hear on the radio, even if it doesn't apply to them in any way?


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  1. My personal situation is this: I'm a full-time student who lives with her parents and who works part-time in a mall bookstore. I get scholarship money, but it doesn't cover the whole thing and I don't get any money for books (which is just as well, since I can get a damn good discount where I work). But it just so happens that the bookstore I work for is kind of going under. That means, I'm not getting as many hours now as I used to last year. That means my check is pretty thin. That means, I can't spend as much as I used to. My brother's school tuition has gone sky high and my mother can barely afford to keep food in the fridge.

    Employers aren't hiring new people and they're not giving raises to the people already working for them. Meanwhile, prices keep going up so it's impossible to maintain the same lifestyle you used to.

    And it sucks, because I would so love to paint the walls in my room and get a new bedspread and a new laptop and finally buy that Lost DVD I've been holding out for.