Cookies VS Holocaust

All the remaining copies of Warm Bodies are gone now, and as a result, I won't have to sell my bed yet. Wait that sounds like prostitution. I won't have to sell my couch. That's slightly better. Thanks guys. You keep my boat afloat.
Nautical metaphors! I must be writing this from a cabin near the ocean! Why yes, yes I am actually. Family vacation and whatnot. Two parents, four siblings, two nephews, two dogs, a niece, and me. One thing I've observed so far is that kids really have a small emotional range. It takes pretty devastating trauma to get me to cry or scream, but all a kid needs is to recieve the wrong flavor of juice. I wondered if this is just because they haven't experienced enough real trauma to give them perspective. If you think of it as a scale, with 0 being happy and content, and 10 being totally heartbroken, it makes sense that they would have a different boiling point based on what they've experienced so far. If the worst thing you've ever heard of was getting denied video games for a month, then that would become your 10, so maybe not getting a cookie when you really want a cookie would land an 8 or 9. Whereas an adult's 10 is maybe their wife's death or going through the Holocaust or something. So then not getting a cookie when they really want a cookie is something like a 0.3 on the scale, and causes zero tears or screaming. The obvious conclusion is that all children should have their wives killed and/or spend a year in concentration camps to gain perspective. Ok I'm going back to the beach now bye.



  1. I have learned this lesson innumerable times this summer, working with wee ones at little kiddy summer camp... YOU GET WHAT YOU GET AND YOU DON'T GET UPSET.

  2. And that includes the Holocaust!

  3. my niece cried today cause her mom took the dog off of her lap
    today it was like an 11 for her

  4. Hi Isaac! I just like to say I love your Zombie short story.

    I love love love love love it!

    I think I've read it three or four times already.XD

    I've been restraining myself not to comment since last year but here I am, a die hard fan commenting on your short story.

    I think it's philosophical and revolutionary in some vague way but. I dunno. I just love it, is all. Tah.:D