Panhandlin' (a few books left)

Hey guys. So, yeah, I'm gonna have to sell my last 4 copies of WARM BODIES. I had planned to hold on to a few to use as loaners, but I am pretty hard-up right now, so I'm going to have to cash out. I know this sounds miserly but I'm going to have to actually sell these at a profitable price---20$ instead of the former at-production-cost 15$. What can I say, I gotta eat, preferably not people...but don't put it past me.

So if there's still anyone out there who wants a copy (one of them is slightly worn from frequent shelving and unshelving---bonus surprise!) please Paypal me 20$ + 3$ shipping (23$! Lord!) to this de-spammed email address:


Thank you so much. I really love you people.


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  1. Being the owner of one of the first runs, I'll have to pass. Knowing how rabid us fans of yours can be though, those things'll sell... Sometime between now and tomorrow I reckon.

    Best of luck with your money problems. Once Warm Bodies gets a full publishing I'll be buying it again, for the revised stuff :D.

    PS. Did you know arrow keys don't work in these typing fields?