"Ted Flaps His Arms" - new story

UPDATE: The formatting issue is fixed thanks to the generous efforts of the badassly named Rachel Dachenbach. Should work on most browsers now. Many thanks to godlike master programmer RachDachBach!

Since my agent has converted Writing Week into Waiting Week, I used my idle time to write the following short story.

It's an experimental story using an experimental format. If you aren't seeing a "split-screen" columns layout, try another browser.


  1. That was great fun. I'll take the life on the left, thank you.

  2. Poor guy... I'm not sure what it is but I feel pity for him, on both sides.

    Great read, I was wondering when you'd give us something new. Thank you.

  3. Rachel is one of my best friends! She rocks hardcore, seriously. Her writing reminds me of yours actually.

    And awesome format idea. I really liked it. I wrote something similar for a poetry reading thing where 2 people are meant to read/perform it semi-at-once.

  4. Better than Great!. Less than im crying and moving to africa to play guitar and plant trees with starving orphans. But no story is capable of that. except for freefall.