My First Literary Event (Don't come)

Seattle friends:

I'm unexpectedly doing a reading at the Hugo House in Capitol Hill next Wednesday, September 30th.

This is not an "official" author reading, like "Isaac Marion reads Warm Bodies" or anything so fancy, I just got invited to participate in the book release of local author Greg Hofmann and decided it would be a good way to wet my toes or cut my teeth or whichever such folksy saying applies. I'm going to read a few short stories in between Greg reading from his book and a few bands playing songs.

I'm not big on public speaking and have never done any kind of live literary performance before so here's what to expect:

1. I nervously drink a few whiskeys. White man's Asian Glow ensues.
2. My sinuses constrict so that my voice becomes very nasally.
3. My chest constricts so that my voice becomes very dry and cracked.
4. Forehead sweat (glistening under spotlights)

I'm not telling you about this event because I desperately want you to attend. I'm actually undecided on whether or not I DO want you to attend, as your effects on my nerves are not known at this time, but on the other hand, depending on who you are, it might be more fun to have you there, so I'm just putting it out there. Come if you want, but feel NO OBLIGATION to come, seriously, even if you're my family members.

That is all.
Good morning.


  1. I wish I could go! If only to watch as your voice morphes into something assumedly hysterical.
    I hope it goes well for you, though. Good luck!

  2. I'd love to be there and offer you moral support but it's a long trip from the UK.

    I doubt if the whiskey will help. What might help is visualising yourself beforehand doing it happily and confidently and having the whole room enjoying your reading. While you're imagining this, anchor it in some way (a word, a colour, a gesture). Then when you come to speak, mentally repeat the word, visualise the colour or make the gesture. You might find you're more confident than you expect!

  3. Yes! Visualization of success is key. Also, practice it out loud, even if it feels really silly. Things will go better if your mouth is used to forming the words.

  4. Whiskey is good but mouth wash is better when you are trying to stretch a paycheck out, trust me! that damn whiskey put us in the poor house, the poorer we got the more we drank.