WARM BODIES REDUX (unrated author's cut)

Dear friends and long-distance relationships,

It is my pleasure to inform you that when I assured you there would be no more copies of Warm Bodies until it was officially published, I was either shortsighted or just blatantly lying.
I am printing more.

Why, you ask? Why? WHYY??? Because over the course of these last five months or so, in preparing the manuscript to go out to publishers, I have significantly revised the book, added many new scenes, taken a few away, tightened the writing, filled plot and logic holes, and in my opinion, just generally elevated the whole thing into a much better and richer story.

That said, I'm not expecting everyone who bought the original draft to pony up again for this one. (Although if you want to, go for it!) I just want to put it out there for those who missed out on the previous batch, so that you won't have to wait another year or more for it to be formally published and available in stores. I get emails about it every week and I hate having to say no. So now I say yes!

(Also, yes, all copies will be signed)

Note that there are only 50 copies, and when these are gone, there REALLY will be no more, since my days of self-publishing are over.
As for proper publication? Keep your fingers crossed, folks. Things are going very well for me out there so far, and victory may be just around the corner.

Passionately yours forever,



  1. Agh, so tempted to buy it! However, I have no money, and I already have the original (which I love completely)...
    Maybe I can convince a relative to buy it for me as a Halloween gift. I don't want to have to wait a year or more for a new version!

  2. Isaac! You swore to Dinosaur Jesus! That's a big deal you know.

    But I'll forgive you if you cast me in the movie. ^_~

  3. Bought it. I'm sorry to the other 49, I know I already have one of the first 100 run copies of the first release, but I need this.

    Thank you Isaac for this.

  4. boy do i hope these are signed too

  5. Quite lucky I happened to be surfing your blog at this time eh?
    I bet your copies will go very fast, Isaac
    you are a really talented writer :)

  6. Great!

    Just bought one.

    There will be signed copies this time too?

  7. Yes, all copies will be signed.

    And Amanda, hmm, you've got the look, you've got "it"...I'll see what I can do...

  8. *Grumble, grumble*

    I bought one of the originals. I'm glad to know it's been revised (it was good, but did need some work), but don't have the spare cash to check out the new version.

    Best of luck!


  9. Um... Can I have a free copy?
    I am a poor broke angry teenager so???
    My life goal is to become Independently wealthy so when I get all my Money I will give you a free bobble head or something neato fo you when I get my riches.

  10. I may have bought the original, but I am going to be greedy and also get a copy of this version.
    However, I can justify it: after passing around Warm Bodies to every friend, family member, and acquaintance who would read it, it has become quite tatterred.

  11. I absolutely fell in love with "I Am a Zombie Filled With Love," so I am absolutely nabbing a copy of this book, even though I'm a disgustingly poor graduate student.


    I'm an English grad student, so buying literature and supporting upcoming authors is totally justified.

  12. Gotta love Dylon... "It was good, but did need some work." Take that months of laborious writing!

  13. I would have bought an original copy if there would still be one.

  14. I'm an English grad student, so buying literature and supporting upcoming authors is totally justified.