Warm Bodies ---- PUBLISHED!

Well friends, the moment I've been waiting for since I turned 16 and started banging out my first piece of fiction--a cosmically overblown, 1000 page fantasy epic called THE BIRTH OF DARKNESS--has finally arrived.

Warm Bodies is being published!!!

Not self-published.
Not indie-press published.
REALLY published, by a major publishing house, Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. Yes, you will see it at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Powells, etc. Yes I will be doing readings, interviews, promotion, etc.

In the words of the venerable Young Jeezy, it's goin' down.

But wait, it gets better.
It's not just being published in the U.S. It's already been bought in the U.K, Italy, Brazil, and Russia, with offers pending in Germany and France. So the book is going to exist in 7 countries, 6 languages, with possibly more to come.

In the words of the venerable Ludacris, I've got hos in different area codes.

As to when this will be happening, I can't say for sure yet, but Atria's tentative plan is to try and get it released by June 2010, which is considered fast. In the mean time, I'll be gearing up to promote the hell out of it, and since the publishing industry doesn't really know what promotion is, this will be mostly a DIY effort by me and my agent. So keep spreading the book around, tell your friends, etc... In the words of the venerable Sign-Holding Freeway Onramp Hobo, anything helps!

UPDATE: All the self-printed copies I made are sold out. Thanks guys!

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  1. ISAAC!! This is so great! I'm so happy for you! You should do a book tour so I can give you a congratulatory hug. ^_^


    I second the book tour :D

  3. OMG!!! so i might see it here in brazil as well? thats GREAT dude!!! congratulations! you deserve it

  4. it will totally sell itself. tis so goood.

  5. Thanks guys. And Banin, yes, you will see it in Brazil, IN PORTUGUESE, no less.

  6. Wow, Australia fails. Now how am I supposed to brag about my copy of The Inside? Congrats Mr Marion, I'll lend you the side of my cardboard house for that on-ramp sign. Good luck =D


    please travel the US. And have your pen reading for signage

  8. Well ain't that all warm and fuzzy. Cheers to you! Eagerly following...

  9. Knew the day would come!! I just bought your book. Please autograph my copy :)

  10. That's so exciting! You should come visit Toronto and do a reading. It would be wonderful.
    I can't wait to buy your republished book!

  11. That is so awesome, congrats! you whole-heartedly deserve this.

  12. Congratulations! Well done sir, you've made it. The first story of yours I ever read was Toilet Humour and I fell in love. That day I opened up your My Fiction page, opened every single story in its own tab and read every last word.

    You are by far my all-time favourite author, and I can't wait to see more out of you. I also look forward to getting my second copy of Warm Bodies in the mail soon :D.

    Again, congrats. I've already started spreading the word, including to my old bosses and managers at the various book stores I worked at. You should come to Ottawa sometime, do a signing.

  13. hellz to the yeah! way to go isaac, i'll be watching for that book!!

  14. p.s. i'm so honored to have known who you were before you were about to get super unbelievably famous like tolkein or rowling. :)

  15. Congratulations, Isaac! You are the warmest body.

  16. So in the not too distant future, I'll just waltz on in to Borders one day and, WHA BAM, Warm Bodies will be sitting pretty on the little display for new arrivals? That's going to be a bit of an exciting day.
    Congratulations on the publishing, I'm looking forward to reading one of your self-published copies.

  17. FUCKING AMAZING! Just bought one and I'll bought the one in Portuguese too!

    Hope The Inside to be released in Portuguese too (and I'm sure it will) right after!

    You deserve it, man!

  18. Hey, Do you know yet what is the publishing house in Brazil? I'm the translator of A.C. Bradley's "Shakespearean Tragedy - Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear" into Portuguese for the Martins Fontes publishing house (see my translation here: http://migre.me/blMh), a recent fan of yours and AM INTERESTED IN TRANSLATING "WARM BODIES" INTO PORTUGUESE.


    Alexandre Feitosa Rosas
    Rio de Janeiro

  19. Good work, Isaac! I just got my copy in the mail today, I'm already halfway through...at work. I can't wait to buy everyone I know a copy of Warm Bodies when it shows up on shelves. Are you doing anything with The Inside? I vaugely remember you discussing this at one point.

  20. Isaac I'm a brazilian bookstore clerk.
    And from that vast experience I must conclude, YOU ROCK!

  21. Thanks for all the congrats, everyone! You're all so nice.

    Alelex, the Brazilian publisher is Leya. I don't have anything to do with who they choose to translate it and probably won't even be talking to any of their people but you're welcome to try!

  22. Just got mine in the mail yesterday. Nearly done it. I love the extra little insights into Perry's past life.

    You remain my all-time favourite author. I intend to buy a third copy once it gets published :D.

    Thank you for sharing your work, I know I speak for all of us when I say we really appreciate it.