Best books of 2009

Since it's the end of the year and whatnot and since I'm a writer and whatnot I thought I should probably share with you The Best Books of 2009, and by "The Best Books of 2009" I don't mean that these books were released in 2009, or that I read them in 2009 or that I read them at all or that I know anything about them, just that I learned of their existence and also their awesomeness in 2009.
Ok here:


  1. I kept wanting to say "____ is my favourite" but they just kept getting better! I love What Not to Wear on a Horse (Wouldn't that list be really, really extensive?) and the picture for Soldier Bear, though.
    Actually, I'd love to READ Soldier Bear.

  2. I'm inspired. Really. I must write a book worthy of your list. I'm thinking maybe "Exorcising demons from your goldfish" or something like that.