Everyday oddities, every day.

I recently acquired a week of down time in which I'm not able to do any writing or editing of any kind, so I've been doing a lot of wandering around and getting lost in obscure parts of the city. In these travels I come across a lot of slightly strange and mildly comical sights, nothing too crazy or too hilarious, just medium-funny to borderline peculiar. A few that I documented:

It's good to have signs letting you know what things aren't. Sometimes, when I'm especially drunk, I might begin to put moves on a telephone pole thinking it is a beautiful woman, and it would be nice if there were a sign nearby telling me it's not.

The sign above this one says "Fire is hot."


Doorknob is in exact middle of the door. Curious to very odd!

Commuter god.

The picture is a nice idea, but it's sad that THIS is how David Hart Richmond will be remembered for all eternity:


  1. your post made me gol (giggle out loud).


  2. If not for the sign I probs would have gone merrily on my way down another trail that was actually a trail and not Not A Trail. As it stands I now want to follow what certainly appears to be a trail in spite of what the sign declares.

  3. I know, it's obviously a trick to keep people from enjoying what's probably THE BEST TRAIL EVER.

  4. The doorknob in the middle of the door makes me smile. It's such a quirky thing to have!