Everyday Oddities #4 -- Unsettling Signage

They promised me the kids were still in great condition but these days I prefer to buy new.

Is this angry sentient urinal someone's idea of folksy quaintness? I'm sorry I peed on your face, angry bathroom spirit! Please don't turn me into a scent cake!


  1. i do believe the urinal is a female. !

  2. Oh but the boy's room *needs* more of a feminine touch. It's all or nothing here. You got the sign, you need the scent cakes. Sorry Isaac but I'd say you're doomed.

    But before you go, I'd like you to come play a game with me. Now you may think you're too sophisticated a blogger to play such silly meme games, but your answers are of great interest to me so I hope you'll join in =) 'Tis here: http://japandamanda.blogspot.com/2010/04/fives.html

  3. I honestly have no idea what you guys are talking about. What makes you think the urinal is female? THAT'S SEXIST!

    And Amanda--25 answers? That's about 15 too many for my patience level. I already do Formspring.me, what more do you want from me? :)