My First Interview! by Playskool

This week I did a phone interview with an internet radio show in which they asked me about how I self-published Warm Bodies (spoiler: I didn't, really, all that much, only kind of...) what the book is about (spoiler: long and rambling explanation) and what the Secret to Success is. (spoiler: Dunno.)

I'm definitely better at writing my thoughts over period of hours or days than speaking my thoughts over period of seconds, but I will get better at this, I must!

So, listen here guys...
Listen here:


(I come in at about the 30 minute mark. You can click in the time window to advance forward)


  1. Good first interview. I wouldn't change a thing, content-wise... were you terribly nervous? It doesn't show, if you were. My tone would be all over the place, and also I sometimes have this unpredictable laugh that is kind of like a small grenade exploding.

    You sound like I thought. That rarely happens.

  2. I can't believe she fell for the April Fool's joke! :DDDD

    Your interview was charming :)

  3. Well if you don't know anything about the book I guess you could buy that story. I took the post down because I didn't want word getting around that that was the actual cast...it wouldn't be the first time I got spanked for breaching some protocol or another.

    I was pretty terrified, Ms. Couplet. I didn't know what to expect, question-wise, and I'm not the greatest at freestyling tricky answers that have to balance the reality as I see it with marketing as my agent sees it. There's a reason celebrities on talk shows give a lot of vague answers and stick to a predetermined set of talking points--it's easy to accidentally insult someone or blow your marketing campaign...

    Anyway, as far as sounding like you thought...thanks, maybe?

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  5. I have to say I really admire your confidence - to forego getting a degree because you're sure you can make it as a writer, that takes guts that I don't have, but here you are! Most inspiring indeed.