We finally have a cover for the US edition of WARM BODIES!

Oh and also the novel's themes evolved somewhat during the editing process. Now it's about men, women, and the Navy.

That should silence all that silly "Zombie Twilight" snarkery going on out there.

But seriously guys, come on. If Warm Bodies is Twilight, then Eternal Sunshine is Men In Black. They both have machines that erase memories, don't they?

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  1. But Eternal Sunshine IS Men In Black...

  2. Well, yeah, obviously Charlie Kaufman was borrowing heavily from MIB's iconic "flying saucer crashes into a grassy field" scene when he wrote his "random car falls out of the sky" scene...but I still think there are subtle differences.

  3. Who is Donald R. Morris?

  4. The man who wrote this book in the 1950s and sold it for 35 cents a copy.

  5. That is a perfect way of putting it. If you don't mind I'm going to use that whenever people tell me I'm reading Twilight with Zombies from now on. Then I'll shove Warm Bodies in their hands and force them to read it so they can see what actual good writing is about.

  6. So there I was, looking up good movies. I looked up this movie called Below (2002) a psychological thriller about being deep under water... Suddenly it hit me, I really enjoyed the Wackness. I got to thinking, "What kind of shenanigans is Jonathan Levine (the second) up to, directorial wise?" Well balls if I wasn't giddy to see that one of his projects in dev. was Warm Bodies. Congratulations Isaac.