This is a song that I sang

I wrote and recorded this a couple years ago, then recently re-recorded it at Bearhead Studios just for fun. This time we had live drums (Ken French) and badass guitar (Jared McSharry) instead of....whatever the hell I used on my solo version.

Thanks Steven Aguilar of Bearhead for his time and skillz. Hopefully this song will appear in some form on a future Moon Colony or Tallest Building In the World album.

The video is just for something to look at. It's my fucking hands in front of a webcam. Don't expect anything to happen.


  1. love it. if any of the rest of you want to steal isaac's music with me use this stie to rip that shiz into an mp3 and 4.7 seconds.


  2. Heh heh awesome stuff x

  3. Isaac, I can't stop listening to this. Let's jam soon.