Anarchy in the UK

A little slow in mentioning this, but Warm Bodies is now on the bookshelves in the UK. Don't believe me? What, you think I staged this photo?

See? One shelf above Let The Right One In, and just to the left of Zombie Cupcakes! (to be fair, this was a Halloween themed display.)

Good reviews are trickling in, too. There's one in women's magazine Marie Claire, one in The Guardian (it's like England's New York Times!) and a little feature in WIRED, as well as a few in various blogs and, ahem, teen magazines. (One of them positions it right next to Justin Bieber's new book! Me and Biebs, conquering the world together!)

Even a few non-teens have offered words of praise. Josh Bazell (Beat the Reaper) Nick Harkaway (The Gone-Away World) Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler's Wife) Stephenie Meyer (Twilight) and Simon Pegg (writer/actor, Shaun of the Dead) have all lent glowing quotes to be plastered all over the cover.
If I hadn't recently misplaced my emotion chip, I'd be slavering with joy right now. Things are looking bright.

Or you can pre-order the US version (hardcover!) which comes out March 8.


  1. Endcap FTW! We live in exciting times...

  2. Wow, Simon Pegg, I'm impressed sir *thumbs up*

  3. If you and "Biebs" conquer the world, I am going to vomit on your display at Border's.

  4. I also plan to be releasing a fragrance that will compliment the delicate notes of Biebs' "My World" unisex cologne. That way when the Biebs and I are standing back to back, mics in hand, for a stirring duet rendition of "Baby" in front of President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict XVI, our scents will co-mingle in a way that showcases all the strengths of the two fragrances while masking any weaknesses, God forbid there should be any.

  5. Wow, people who like Shiver/Linger and Hunger Games have been buying your book... that's HUGE! Those books have been on the bestseller lists forEVER. Or at least as long as I've been in charge of the "Bestsellers" wall at my internship.

    I say you forget conquering the world WITH Biebs to focus on conquering the world AND Biebs. Someone's got to conquer that little twit.

  6. Know where I can get 50 copies of Islington?

  7. Mine just arrived in the mail! I figured the UK release was best suited to the Australian climate. (and I didn't want to wait for the US release)
    Pretty excited!
    Good luck with the bieb-mister, I hear he can be quite the bitch once a month, if you know what I mean..

  8. Amanda, I think you have the better plan. World AND Biebs it is!

    Noah: I DO!! I'll tell you later.

  9. I know I've said this a thousand times already, but congrats!! :D :D

  10. Brilliant sir! just brilliant. congrats and cheers all around. [end brit accent]

    who'd have thought 10 years ago when we were strolling through the woods in northern UK... i wonder if that creepy journal you kept helped spawn some of the Warm Bodies ideas in some indirect way...

  11. Hi - I just started reading Warm Bodies on my Kindle. Loving it - it's so funny and original.

    BTW, the book next to yours on that display, Dark Matter, is pretty good too, a ghosty story set in the Arctic Circle.


  12. Recently read this in about a day and LOVED it, couldn't put it down and I got no sleep but very well done! You had me chuckling right from the first chapter. Some more please?

    I put a 'petite' review on my blog at http://tinyurl.com/2aa4vzz

  13. Man I remember when my girlfriend showed me "I am a zombie filled with love" on this site. We've been following this blog ever since :)
    It's awesome that this book got published. And that it's so cheap on Amazon. Can't wait to read it!

    P.S. I also remember when you sold like 100 self published copies of Warm Bodies. Are you aware that when this book's popularity explodes, if those people choose to sell them, they're going to be millionaires? xD

  14. Just to say: I was thrilled to be able to quote on this book, because it is *made from awesome*.

    Also, I can verify that the picture is real, because I have personally observed similar scenes in my local bookshop. Except with more people going: "I want that Warm Bodies book, I hear it's great, when is Marion coming here?! I want to eat his brain... er, I mean, um..."

    And finally: I'm jazzed Josh Bazell quoted on the book. His book was superb, too.

    Nick Harkaway

  15. I'm going to geek out for a moment and do a few OMGs that Nick Harkaway commented on my blog. Everyone needs to go out and buy The Gone-Away World. Not only is it made from awesome, it's also a monumental brick of brilliance. Thanks so much for your blurb, Nick, it's an honor to have your name and words on my book. If I'm ever in a position to return the favor, I'd love to do it. I have no doubt I'll be able to find barrels of praise for any future book you write.

  16. Hi Isaac, I've just reviewed your book for e-zine Halfway Down the Stairs: www.halfwaydownthestairs.net
    For me, the book was an unexpected jewel - I will be recommending it to people! Thanks for making someone who has never been particularly interested in zombies enjoy a book about zombies!

  17. I'm from the UK, and have tracked down this blog simply to thank you for writing this FREAKING AWESOME book :3
    I got a couple of friends that I can get to read it, and they're the ones that made "Twilight" popular in my town, so hopefully my town will give you loads of money, which will be my thanks to you C:

  18. good for you man ive been reading your work for a while now this has been a long time coming...keep up the great creative writing, your stories, shorts...they're all golden

  19. Just finished Warm Bodies, FANTASTIC!

    the title of the book is an amazing conversation starter, people looking at me funny on the train, then instigating bizarre 3 hour conversations about the conciousness of zombies! makes for a good train journey.

    I agree with your summary of The Gone Away World, another great book..

    Cheers (please keep writing or ill eat your brain)

    Edd, UK

  20. I need to read this book again, it's amazing! I have passed it onto several others and they too have been caught up in the magic of R and Juu-liee. It made me laugh all the way through, looking forward to your next book!

  21. hey

    i just read your book and although i'm not into zombie-books usually...i really liked it =)

    the cover is great by the way, it'was the main reason i picked it up in the first place...

    i will read the short story in the next days!

    for my review (and more) pls visit my new blog: