Warm Bodies US cover

Friends, after many months of back and forth struggle between me, my agent, my editor, her assistant, her art director, her designer, her sales team, her sales team's pet chinchillas, and her sales team's pet chinchillas' assistants, we have found a cover we can all smile about.

Granted, it's not what I would have designed myself, but that's probably for the best since I am a shitty designer. It's also not what I would have chosen if I had my pick of any possible art style, but that's also probably for the best since I am a pretentious fuck who doesn't know a sell-able book from a hole in the ground full of unsold books.

What this IS is a fairly kick-ass cover that has wide appeal but also dignity, that will jump out at the reader without raised lettering or holograms or Smell-O-Vision. (You don't want to read a zombie novel in Smell-O-Vision.)

Also, we have yet another official release date, and hopefully this one will be final:

APRIL 26, 2011

In other related news, I got my first mainstream American review from Kirkus Reviews, and it's excellent! Contains lines such as "This is no Team Edward sob story" and "So begins the weirdest courting in the history of literature." We're off to a great start!

Also, here's the latest tally of countries/languages Warm Bodies is being published in:

'Murrica (United States)
UK (England, Scotland, Ireland, also includes Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and most other countries filled with English speaking whiteys.)
Czech Republic
South Korea

That's approximately 25 countries, 19 languages! Can you even wait to see all the wacky foreign covers?? Best believe I'll be posting them!




  1. This is so amazing, Isaac! My copy of The Inside is going to fetch BANK on ebay someday.

    Seriously, it's amazing how protracted the publishing process is, but I'm glad to have seen it vicariously through you. Congrats! Do you know the exact US release date?

  2. So excited for you! It really is an amazing book...your writing changed my life. <3

  3. Thanks guys! Christina -- April 26. (It's in huge bold font in this very post but I'll let you off 'cause you wear glasses. ;-)

  4. It's too bad my friend's dog peed on my copy of The Inside, otherwise it'd fetch BANK on ebay someday.

  5. You better believe I'll be first in line when the shipment comes into my local Barnes and Noble!

    As for The Inside, I will ferociously covet it and wouldn't dream of "fetching bank on ebay" with it, tsk tsk! =P

  6. how about Canada? I am down in the US visiting friends this week and I thought "hot damn, Imma go to Barnes and Noble and get a copy of this book!" Only to to have the lovely bearded hipster behind the counter tell me it wasn't going to be released until April and shake his head at my Canadian silliness. I need this book Issac, like...seriously.

  7. Wow! And congrats on the extra countries. Let's do a book tour soon... you will need me as your Secret Service advisor.

  8. Jinxx, don't they have B&N in Canada? I'm pretty sure the US and Canada are considered one "territory" to publishers, so it should definitely be available up there.

    Nathan, just help me armor and weaponize Baleen!

  9. I just got myself a Belgian copy, titled: "Mr. Zombie"

  10. I totally want to review this book for my zombie blog.

  11. I'm so excited for this.

    I noticed you said there might be a Tallest Building concert in the future. Any dates or locations in mind? I wanna be there fo sho.

  12. Congrats man! I'll definitely post a review on my blog, so that the 33 people I know will raise their eyebrows when I mention the book at a later date.

  13. Iwasphone, did I say that? Well, a band reunion is definitely a goal. But a LOT has to happen first. Like, getting a practice space, instruments, band members...

  14. Put it on my wish list on Amazon so next paycheck I can FINALLY buy a copy! So excited.

  15. This cover is great! I have the German version (which is also pretty cool) but this beats everything :)

  16. Is it awful of me to say that i like the UK cover better? Regardless, i'm glad to know it's been finally released in the US, i have recommended this book to so many people there... Any thoughts about publishing in Argentina?

  17. since i live in Indonesia, i've to order warm bodies from kinokuniya bookstore in singapore. yep coz indonesian bookstores havent sell it here :(
    me cannot wait to read your book ^^