Book stuff for people who read words

A couple minor missives from the Warm Bodies front:

I've created a fan page for the book on Facebook. Anything relevant to the book or the movie will show up there, and all your friends will be able to see how painfully cool and literate you are, so please Like it (I love capitalizing verbs) if you're into that sort of thing.


Also, remember that little trailer I made in 2009 when I was self publishing the book? The one I filmed in 4 hours with my brother's old camcorder and some halloween makeup, then edited on my brother's laptop in iMovie, which I'd never used before? Turns out none of the 20 major publishing houses now publishing the book think their professional marketing teams can do any better, so this pixelated home movie has become the official trailer for Warm Bodies. Luckily, I now have a whole mess of glowing reviews to pepper throughout the video, which does seem to grant an illusion of professionalism to the whole affair. Enjoy, and please spread around!


  1. :O!!!!

    I love that Dead Children will be in it :B It was my favorite of your songs. :D!


  2. April 26th! I didn't realize how close we'd gotten to release day! This is so exciting! And I agree with Karen... way to sneak your own music in there, you sneaky sneakster, you.

  3. Hey Buddy - I just got sent an advance reader copy of your book. (Your blog address was on the back of it, so apologies if it feels like I am blog stalking you right now.) I just finished it and now after perusing a couple of posts on your site here, I feel like your my brother from another mother. (I just self-published my first novella and am working on my full length word goody right now).

    The review I sent the book company is below it sums up my feeling on the matter. Congrats, it's a fabulous bundle of words and ideas.

    All the best,
    Chris Allight

    "As I read this book the power went out in my house. This is a not unexpected electrical occurrence in Storm Land U.S.A. where I live. Walking through the quiet halls reflexively flicking on dead light switches, the chapters of the book echoing strands playing in my mind; I have to admit it made smile a bit. A smile in the same vein as ole Silm Pickens must of felt when riding his nuclear steed, "So this is the end of the world? Hmm, ain't that cool?"

    Werewolves, vampires and now zombies old tropes twisted and reborn in the popular modern imagination. After reading "Breathers: A Love Story", a few years ago I figured that I knew just what sort of predicable cocktail I would get with "Warm Bodies". Irony, undead agony, perhaps a little post-modern ennui, but as it turns out what I was in store for was not predictability but savage originality.

    You see even though it doesn't say LOVE STORY on the cover it is, and even though it says WARM BODIES, it's not about that at all really. It's about what's beyond body, what makes soul. To say much more than this, would be to spoil a very fine literary ride. But just in case you need a bit more spoiler-ific convincing let me break it down in this way: Zombie? Boring. Post-apocalyptic zombie? Better. Post-apocalyptic zombie messiah? Getting there. Post-apocalyptic zombie messiah falling in love? Now, If that doesn't tickle your teacup, what else will?"

  4. Awesome review, Chris, thank you. "Post-apocalyptic zombie messiah". Love it! :-)