Guest Bloggings

Hey friends. Just in case you're interested, I did a couple guest posts on a couple bookish blogs.

This one is my unconventional answer to the age-old question, "What famous artists would you like to meet?"

This one is a more serious one, about the various ways zombies are portrayed and how Warm Bodies differs.


  1. How do we know God isn't already a zombie? First article hilarious. Seriously though, I really liked the points you make about the book in the second article. Zombies really do fall into the Modernism category. That's what impressed me so much about your idea even when it was a short story. Your point about who knows life better than those who miss it is right on too. We all have our apathy, loneliness, and despair; but we also want to find our passions, companionship, redemption, and healing. I'm certainly glad you found your passion and was gracious enough to share it with a student from Iowa and his English teacher.

  2. I don't particularly care for the zombie genre, I mean, what is there to do but blow the heads off of moaning, blood-soaked lifeless beings?

    But I pulled WARM BODIES off the shelf without knowing what it was about, and I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed it, and have recommended it to several people. A warm read, and a happy ending (am I allowed to say that?)