Trapped in a car guy, speak up

Several years ago, someone emailed me or commented on this blog with an idea for a story. He proposed I write something about people who get trapped in a car and have to live there for a long time. I scoffed at the idea at the time, pointing out its many impracticalities, but it unexpectedly came back to me later in a more abstract form and I did indeed write a story based on it. It's going to be in my upcoming short story book, and I want to credit the person who sent me the idea. So whoever that was, if you're still out there and still listening, speak up and you'll be immortalized in the small print of a book very few people will ever read.


  1. Check the archives. If nothing, its another one of these:

  2. Wow... This is crazy, but I was sitting up late deciding to browse back through all of your posts to find new stories (thanks to my phone being all bizarre about the formatting) and saw this. I'm the guy who suggested the idea of a family trying to survive in a bus or a car, what seeds they could use, and if and how it would be a practical thing to happen. And I'm REALLY surprised that stuck with you. You've been my favorite author since I am a Zombie and I feel Love, and I immediately bought warm bodies and the tower once they came out (both of which I lent out and were stolen. I bitch about this a lot to a lot of people.) and I tell everyone I can about your stories and have made many a people read them over drinks as well as thieving the ipod deck to play "What the Mountain Said". For the record, my name is Forrest Gordon and I'm probably still to this day your biggest fan. Unless someone is out there collecting your dead skin or something. I don't do that.

  3. The Inside* I always messed that up. I saw the picture of the tower and only read it once before it was jacked. I am your worst fan, and I am sorry.

  4. Hey Forrest! Haha, you had me confused there for a second, thinking...did I write the Dark Tower series? If so, why didn't I end it better??

    I'm glad you stumbled upon this! I'd like to credit you for the inspiration in any future publishing of the story. In the mean time, I think I at least owe you a copy of The Hungry Mouth. Email me your adress!