Warm Bodies fan art

Fan art has been trickling toward me over the last couple years. I find it adorable and wanted to share a couple with you. Some are amazing, some are amusing. You decide.

R has kind of a Connor Oberst thing going on here.

Never thought I'd see R become an anime hero. Zombie fist ultimate strike! Kiyaaaa!

I like this because Julie looks like Gadget from Rescue Rangers, who was my first cartoon crush.

My sometimes collaborator Sarah Musi made this one.
An overtalented artist who continues to slum it with me in zombie town.


  1. All great and interesting interpretations!

  2. Zombies CAN'T LOVE. Understand it! That's sad to see someone writing a story like this to get money of some retarded teenagers. VERY SAD.

  3. What's even more sad is the fact that someone would post a comment based on what they hear about the book instead of reading it. If you read it, you'd understand. Furthermore, the entire zombie genre isn't so defined that it can't be played with some. As a matter of fact, it started out as a Haitian Voodoo thing and not a flesh-eating corpse thing at all. George Romero turned it into that. So why don't you, Mario Sergio, do a little more research and maybe read a thing or two instead of being such an uninformed negative Nancy.

  4. What she said. :-)

    Also, Romero zombies do have thoughts and personalities (Bub in Day of the Dead, Big Daddy in Land of the Dead) and what's zombie canon if not Romero?

    1. Exactly! Look at the movie, Fido!!! Both Tammy and Fido expressed individual thoughts and personalities. Hell, they could portray their feelings through various grunts and groans.

  5. The anime one is mine ^^ lol

  6. Isaac, these are great -thank you for sharing! : )

    It would be awesome if you could take a look at my Warm Bodies fan animation-

    I used drawing, photoshop, stop motion, animation, and re-writing/singing lyrics.
    Let me know what you think: )

    Also, my friend made this one - a rad time lapse of an "R" illustration he drew!

    Love the book (and movie!) thank you!

  7. I'm pretty sure we all have our own version of what R and co look like in our heads. Well, at least before the movie. Now all I see is beast from Xmen before he became a smurf on steroids......I'm not complaining though. TEE HEE