New WARM BODIES story!

Have you missed the sweet sound of R's voice? Have you wondered how he feels about the holiday season? Is he a post-apocalyptic Santa or Scrooge? Did he cut back on his murder rates in the spirit of Christmas?

I wrote a short story for City Arts magazine about R's first winter as a walking corpse. It's significantly less heartwarming than most holiday specials.

Pick up a City Arts mag if you're in Seattle or read it online here:


Merry Christmas, friends. Enjoy your memories.


  1. First of all, I can't believe that no one has ever commented on this. *sighs, shakes head* Second, this is so unbelievably gorgeous and heartbreaking it actually made me cry. Third, stop making me cry, dammit. ;o) -Hillary

  2. Whatever troper mentioned this as a prequel on TV Tropes drew me here and I'm glad them did. Here I thought The New Hunger was the only thing out there that expanded on Warm Bodies. Loved Boarded Window but it sure was depressing.

  3. This story was so moving that any words I say will sound trivial...the best I can do is "wow". Your words lend such beautiful imagery. I'm glad you expanded on R's early days, because when I read Warm Bodies I was wondering if he started as primal as cohorts and then later became more sentient, or if he was always somewhat different than the rest. I read WB last week and want to read it again before moving onto New Hunger. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a book so much.

    Just wondering...will you ever do any more "self-published" short stories or books, or will they now go straight to the book stores? Unfortunately I just recently found out about you, your blog, and Warm Bodies, so I missed out on all the books you printed yourself. I would love to have one of your printed books, especially with your cover art.