On Not Enjoying the Show

When theaters allow movies to run with faulty sound or projection because they're too greedy to care, people should get angrier.

Some movies are important works of art, and even the ones that aren't are often at least culturally significant. You can only see a movie for the first time once, and in most cases the first time will be the only time. Movie theaters aren't like any other business. They're not selling you merchandise that can be returned if defective or services that can be offered gratis if unsatisfactory--they're responsible for the entire population's entry into our era's most important art form. So when they dim their projector bulbs to save a few bucks or play movies in theaters with blown speakers or refuse to pay a kid minimum wage to stay in the booth and make sure the screen doesn't go black for an entire scene, they're not just giving you a bad product for your money, they're permanently spoiling your experience of a cultural event. And you should be pissed.


  1. I will also feel the same if that what happens to me. Those kind of theaters or cultural centers should be enhanced and be upgraded.
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  2. Thanks for reminding me. I need to send some email to the Uptown. One of their surround speakers is blown. Really messed up some scenes from Tree of Life.

  3. As Theatre Pubs become more popular we will see a general improvement in celluloid presentation as well as a higher quality of drunkards in the theaters.

  4. I refuse to go the theater near me because of the bad conditions. I travel an extra 25 minutes or so to go to a better theater. If I'm paying an arm and a leg to see a movie (it's almost as much as purchasing the DVD), it's usually because I'm excited to see the movie, and I'd prefer to see it without lines running across the screen.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly! As my username suggests, I highly enjoy the cinematic arts, and as a former theater employee, I cannot understand why theaters seem so intent on ruining the experience for everyone.

    As home theaters become more extensive, and the amazing technology more affordable, movies in a sticky theater with rude texters and loud children will soon become a thing of the past. It's similar to how flying used to be. People used to get excited and dress up to fly across the country. Now, pajama-clad folks with pillows and iPods are much more common. Bring back the days when going to a movie was akin to attending a play! PLEASE!