Book 3 Update

I'm chuckling today because everyone assumes that the Warm Bodies sequel is going to revolve around R and Julie having relationship problems. Like this story is about dating. Like there isn't a vast and utterly insane world around them waiting to be explored, survived, and saved. I'm so excited to burst your bubble.

Current progress: 170 pages.

Approximately 1/3 finished.

Yes, when I said this one's going to be "bigger" I wasn't just referring to its scope. Warm Bodies was petite. The New Hunger had an eating disorder. This one's gonna be curvy. But despite it being the length of a fantasy novel, I promise that less than 10% of it will be spent describing food and clothing and the carpet in every room.

You guys I'm so excited about this book. I will now run out of this coffee shop and high-five a stranger in the face.