Send Me Stuff (Again!)

Remember how I used to have a PO box where you could send me stuff? During that time, you sent me so much stuff. It was good stuff. Funny stuff. Touching stuff. You sent me stuff you wanted me to sign--mostly books but sometimes cards or photos or pizza-stained napkins--and even better, you sent me letters. Some of them were dumb and said stuff like, "I haven't read ur book or seen ur movie but I like zombies can you sign this wad of toilet paper thnx" and I didn't understand why you wrote them. But most of them were sweet and wonderful and made me feel really good, and I probably wrote you back, and I hope my replies made you feel good too.

I closed that PO box last summer because I moved out of my Portland apartment and into my RV and since I was in a different neighborhood every week, I didn't know where to open a new box. It was a dark, strange time, and if I had received your letters and replied to them, my replies might have been grumpy. So I remained boxless, feeling sad as I imagined all the cool stuff I was not receiving from you.

This year, things are looking brighter. I bought my first house, a tiny little 1-bedroom hut in Seattle where I live in domestic bliss with my hairiest friend, Doctor Watson the Cat. I am still a deeply unstable person and will probably run away in my RV soon and disappear for a very long time, but now I at least have a permanent base to come home to. What this means--and what all this drivel has been leading up to--is that I HAVE A PO BOX AGAIN!

The address is:
PO BOX 31548
Seattle, WA, 98103

Send me ANYTHING. I love every object that appears in that box. If you want something signed, remember to include a pre-postaged return mailer.

Also remember that I can only return packages to US addresses. It's very sad, but international shipping requires a tedious process of filling out customs forms and waiting in line at the Post Office and I just have to draw the line somewhere. LETTERS, however, are no problem!

In conclusion, I love you all very much. I am constantly surprised and amazed that you continue to care about Warm Bodies even now that there are no TV commercials advertising it to you, and I hope you will stay with me long enough to read this big, weird, and in my opinion, kind of awesome sequel that I am writing.

Your friend,



  1. Will you be posting pictures of the stuff you receive?

  2. brilliant! you really are. simply wonderful. have a lovely night

  3. I feel like sending you a cupcake even though your book left me with withdrawl symtoms. And you asked for one. And I can't.

  4. i yes love. I real eyes i did. its not a prize i want. its not a pair of second eyes i need

    i'll send stuff

  5. sunny eyeballs would be so awesome, seriously, seriously outstandingly awesome
    i believe in that

  6. that came out kind of weird i think. i was a little up in the cloudy night last night. what i was trying to say is i believe every good thing can happen again.
    good things good things only good things i want to send you some good things

  7. You should follow my blog and let me know if the crap I write is any good! LOL

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  11. I mailed something today... not sure if it was the right thing to do... its just stuff

  12. its what I wanted to do, and, of course, what I had to do

    much love

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