Mutterings from the cave

Dear cloud of 1s and 0s floating around my head:
It has come to my attention that I haven't said a word to this lonely blog in almost a year. I have said many words to Twitter and Tumblr but some of you are serious professionals and rely on actual Web Logs for your information and to you, I apologize. Here are some words.

I'm still alive (barely.) I'm still writing (madly.) It's almost done (really.)

More words soon.


  1. This post made me grin in anticipation. I eagerly await the opportunity to push your latest work on everyone I meet. No pressure. ;)

  2. I do not have a twitter and have only recently learned the ways of Tumblr, I appreciate this update. I eagerly await the new book! =D

  3. I was beginning to wonder. I only use Facebook and I realised that there haven't been any new posts since June or July, so to Google I went searching. I'm glad to know that everything is still in motion. :)

  4. Hope you're doing okay. No word on Twitter, so I checked here. Not worried about the book - worried about *you* ;) Do not zombify yourself for this book!

  5. LOL, I hope I was not the only one who prodded you about the blog ;)

  6. Ok I don't Twitter, tumble, tweet, or use Facebook (and this is my first time to post on a blog)...however Warm Bodies is my second favorite film (behind the LOTR trilogy & tied with Stardust) and I enjoyed the book as well. I just wanted to comment, I'm looking forward to the publication of the sequel very much!! I'm writing a book myself...in between homeschooling my 4 children...so I rarely have the time that I would like to just spend reading. I will make the time for this 1! Hopefully this will be an actual, physical book. I want to curl up with it, flipping through the pages...I despise kindle. I hope that you will autograph the WB collection if I mail them to you Isaac! The best to you in your writing, & rewriting, & careful editing...lol I imagine it will be worth the effort! ;-)

  7. How Can I buy The Inside?

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