THE NEW HUNGER finally gets satisfied

I get it. You're confused. So am I. But it goes something like this.

In 2011, I published Warm Bodies.

In 2013 I published a prequel novella called The New Hunger. I chose to publish it exclusively through Zola Books, an experimental startup that was still in beta and has yet to blossom into its final form.

This was probably not the smartest way to follow up my big debut.

The New Hunger was available only as an ebook, and only on Zola, a brand new, unfinished service that no one had heard of. Even people searching for the book by name often couldn't find it. It was a very, very soft release.

Later that year, a paperback edition finally came out--in the UK. And Thailand. And nowhere else.

Publishing is weird.

In the US, it remained entangled in a complex web of publishing machinations, and I threw up my hands and tried to forget about it while I worked on the sequel.

Now, after three years in limbo, this bruised and neglected novella is finally going to be a real book, available everywhere in the English-speaking world.*

If you're one of the loyal handful who's already read this via Zola or the UK edition, I want to note that this edition has been revised and expanded. There is a new prologue and epilogue and various smaller changes and additions throughout. I won't tell you that it's essential content and that you absolutely must buy another copy, but it is new and it is relevant to the upcoming sequel.**

The book will hit shelves--real shelves made of wood!--on OCTOBER 6.

You can preorder now, before you forget, from any of these fine retailers:


Thanks! I love you!


*I'm sure it will get an international release soon, but it may be tied to the release of the sequel. More on that as I get more information.

** The sequel is done. It's called The Living. Still a lot of editing work to do, but the story is there, and I'm so fucking excited about it.