Such luster...such sheen...

THE NEW HUNGER is finally on American shelves in all its touchable glory. And it’s shiny!
This story takes place eight years before Warm Bodies. It’s a glimpse of R’s first days as a zombie, Julie and Nora’s journeys through the wastelands, and a key moment that set all three on a path toward each other. It’s not just a prequel; it’s a bridge to the upcoming sequel, introducing people and things that will have big roles to play in THE LIVING.
For those of you who already read the Zola ebook or the UK paperback, yes, this is essentially the same book, so I won’t tell you it’s a must-have if you already have another edition–but I will tell you it has a new prologue and epilogue and other small revisions throughout, and also a surprise bonus at the end that has made a few readers squeal. So, your call.
Here is the plot summary and links to buy, if so inclined. I love you all and can’t wait to show you where this story is going.


  1. I randomly check your blog from time to time and imagine my surprise at seeing this! I've ordered my copy (despite reading the eBook) and I'm super excited to see it sitting next to Warm Bodies and its sequel The Living!

  2. I'm waiting for the next to come! Cheers!

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